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A, E, D Chord Transition Practice Video.


A, E, D, C, G Chord Transition Practice Video.


A, E, D, C, G, Em, Am, Dm Chord Transition Practice Video.



Smell Like Teen Spirit – Video Lesson For Power Chord Tab on Second Handout.



You can start with just using the your first and third finger and play the two finger power chord tab on top. Don’t worry about the chucking part at first.  ( Chucking is the XXXXXXX’s you see on the lower tab. It is accomplished by strumming on muted strings).

When you feel comfortable and want to challenge yourself further play the three fingered power chord tab on the bottom. Maybe even try the chucking.

You can leave questions in the comment section below. We will also do a quick review on this at next weeks Boot Camp.

For faster responses to your questions you can ask them in our Facebook Group.  The link is at the top of this website in the menu bar.



Guitar Accessories You Should Have.

  1. Guitar Tuner
  2. Capo
  3. Picks
  4. Spare Set of Strings
  5. Metronome
  6. Spare Bridge Pin
  7. Nail Clippers
  8. Wet Naps
  9. Music Stand
  10. Music Binder with Non Glare page protectors
  11. Guitar Multi Tool with Bridge pin puller, string winder, and string cutter.
  12. Battery Operated music stand clip on light.  If you would like to play guitar by the fire with us.

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